Raspberry Pi temperature (and humidity and pressure) logger – full instructions!


A while ago I reported on progress towards a Raspberry Pi based environmental logger.

Well, it has proved to be quite popular at work (several laboratories now use them to log temperature and humidity values for around £100 each device) so I wrote up pretty much all the instructions on how to build More >

Filming with BBC Horizon


Again, this was some time ago but I’m in the process of moving the old articles from the old site to the blog and I don’t yet know if it is possible to pre-date a post. So, here’s what used to be on the old site.

Stephen Fry visited


Actually, it was some time ago that we hosted a visit for Stephen, but this blog is just catching up with the move of articles from the old site and I am not sure how to pre-date an article. Anyway, here’s Stephen.

Main site moves into the blog


I decided that the main Jartweb site (actually on the same servers) was looking a bit old and tatty, plus it did not behave properly on browsers on smartphones and tablets, so I decided to copy across the old content into the blog, creating new pages for each item.

When I get a moment, I’ll replace More >

Warm May Bank Holiday weekend again


Is the weather this year repeating that of last year?

In preparing this post on the latest riverside walk, I noticed another post from almost the same date last year. The similarity being the nice sunny warm weather in May. This time last year the weather was nice and sunny in early May then cooled More >

Raspberry Pi temperature logger


Raspberry Pi (boxed) temperature logger

OK, so a while ago I built a little temperature measuring system using an Arduino Uno, an Arduino ethernet Shield, a real time clock module and some digital 1-wire temperature sensors. I hooked up a serial interfaced LCD display to display information such as More >

New walks for 2013


The 2013 walking season kicks off with a walk on the river Thames around the Isle of Dogs.

This is followed by a long walk on the Grand Union Canal from Cowley Peachey to Rickmansworth.

Thames Clipper


A few pictures from a round trip on one of the Thames Clipper ferry services. This was an exceptionally warm afternoon in May 2012 a week before the rainy Diamond Jubilee celebrations on the same river! The Thames Clipper service is a nice way to travel along the river from Westminster end, out as More >

More TV … brace yourselves


As part of a new BBC4 series on Measurement, a film crew has been working at NPL, filming various items for the three hour-long episodes. The presenter of the series is Marcus du Sautoy, and he and the film crew spend some time with me in the dimensional metrology laboratories, filming some More >

Arduino temperature web server


I have been playing around at building something using the Arduino system. (I have tried to mix the supplier links on this page, though for reference, all items so far have been supplied by Proto-Pic UK).

At work, we have a temperature logger that plugs into the network. It stores temperature and More >

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