Concorde AC final

G-BOAC leaves EGLL for last time

31 October 2003, my Concorde heads to Manchester.

On a cold October morning, Concorde G-BOAC departed Heathrow for her last ever flight. She leapt into the air off runway 27R and roared into the distance, before finally passing into the clouds. G-BOAC was ‘my Concorde‘. She was heading off to Manchester, for her final resting place…

Click on the image below to see more pictures from this sad day, when my Concorde was grounded forever



Superb pic from Emilie Pearson, hosted here at the request of posts on the ConcordeSSTForum.

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The conditions of use of the original picture, when hosted by the author are duplicated here:

” Concorde fans help yourself – commercial use with permission only.
Colin and Emilie P. “

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