Concorde AF final

G-BOAF leaves EGLL for last time

The last EVER Concorde flight, 26 November 2003

On a wet morning in November 2003, fans gathered at the side of Heathrow’s runway 27R for their final glimpse of a Concorde in flight. G-BOAF departed, roaring down the runway before lifting into the sky just past my position. As she climbed away, the clouds parted and she left an orange trail, burning into the distant sky. She seemed to keep going forever, until she passed out of sight, into the distance. Later, she would land amidst tearful scenes in Filton, Bristol, as the last ever Concorde to grace the skies, was finally brought back to earth, at the pace of her birth. From cradle to grave, she and her sisters were superb. Rest in peace…

Audio clips are below.

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Audio clips

ATC audio from G-BOAF last departure, courtesy of another Concorde fan.
From first call to Delivery, right up to FL110.

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