About Jartweb

Greetings, Earthling, or…


Jartweb was my original attempt at setting up a basic web site, from many years ago. It started out as hand-crafted HTML code on a local server, then passed through one or two free hosting accounts, before being morphed into a wider site managed by Dreamweaver. It then decided to change its citizenship and became fluent in PHP as well as uprooting and settling at Streamline for a while. Having got itchy feet, it packed its bags, booked the removals lorry and moved lock, stock and two smoking keyboards, to Tsohosts, where it is currently settling in, unpacking the cases, and finding small fragile pieces of pottery broken in the bottom of the crate. The new house is about the same size as the previous one, but the rooms are nicer, the neighborhood is better, and there is a fresher air about the place.


Now, where did the coffee mugs end up…?