River Stort : Rye House to Harlow Town

A change of river this time, as we head back to Rye House to branch off from the Lea River and head off along the quieter, more meandering and very picturesque River Stort.

Junction of the Lea and Stort rivers near Rye House


Feilde's Weir Lock


Signpost for the start

The river walk starts at Fielde’s Wier lock – cross the river Lea to the lock keepers cottage then cross over the weir (if open) using the railed bridge and start the walk. If the weir is closed off, head back downstream a little way and use a concrete bridge over the flood relief channel and then turn left and backtrack towards the end of the weir. A gap in the vehicle barrier allows access to the footpath beside the river.

Walkway across the weir - open to public


Start of the Stort


Lower Lock


Hills surround the walk


Approaching Brick Lock


Brick Lock


Brick Lock


East of Brick Lock


Approaching Roydon Mill Road Bridge


Roydon Road bridge and Roydon station


Looking back from Roydon Road bridge


Low headroom at bridge 7 (rail)


Bend in the river between bridges 7 and 7a


Roydon Lock


Buttercups in Hunsdon Mead


Approaching Hunsdon Mill lock


Hunsdon Mill lock


Bridge 10B is part of the footpath, over a weir


Bridge 13 also covers a weir under the footpath


Looking down from Cinders bridge


Signpost at Cinders bridge


Parndon Mill


Fancy bridge over weir near Parndon lock


Parndon Mill


Activity centre climbing frame!


Bridge 17 at Burnt Mill lock


Burnt Mill lock


Looking back from bridge 17

Total distance: 9.14 km (5.7 mi)
Total time: 2:34:58
Moving time: 2:08:30
Average moving speed: 4.27 km/h (2.7 mi/h)
Max elevation: 99 m (326 ft)
Min elevation: 70 m (231 ft)



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