Capital Ring 04 : South Kenton to Hendon

This walk seemed like ti was not meant to be.

It started on a dark, cloudy afternoon, between rain showers. Delays in getting to the start meant that the walk started 30 minutes later than planned. The walk had to be abandoned near the end as dusk fell. This is the reason for the rather poor photos towards the end of the walk.

But the next day the weather in the morning was nice and sunny and the weather forecast said clouding over but no rain until the evening. So I decided to retrace my steps to near the end of the previous day’s walk (where the light fell off) and to complete the walk followed by tackling the next section of the Ring.

But, once again, travel chaos meant I got to the start a bit later than I wanted to (just enough time left to do the double walk)….except that the nearer I got to the starting point, the darker the clouds became. I got off the final bus to arrive ….. in rain! Grrrr! I waited a bit in the bus shelter for the worst of the rain to pass then headed off in the drizzle.

Frankly when I got to the end of this walk at Hendon Central I had had enough. The rain radar showed another rain front moving in (so much for ‘no rain until evening’), so I gave up, and headed home.

So, in the photos below, you can hopefully see the difference between day 1 and day 2 of this walk. Better luck next time ?

Yes, mud was a feature of the main part of this walk 🙁

Light is really fading here – even boosting the levels in PhotoShop does not help much.

And now on the next day… a different type of ‘wet’. Drizzle.

At least on the next day, there was actual light, to show off the…rain clouds 🙁

Compare and contrast.

And now a few extra shots from day 2 seeing as it was worth photographing something.

Yesterday this crane was fully extended.

The above is the end of the walk on day 1. And below is the same shot on day 2.

The remainder of the images are on day 2. It was hardly worth bothering 🙁

The map shows the spot where I had to stop on day 1.

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