Thames Path : Lechlade to Cricklade

Almost at the end now. An 11 mile walk from Lechlade to Cricklade. As an accompaniment the RIAT was on at RAF Fairford so they day had a soundtrack of thunderous jets and wonderful WW1 and WW2 propellor airplanes.

Also, a new section of path had been restored by the river edge, meaning the potentially dangerous section on the Inglesham road is now avoided.


Looking back from Halfpenny bridge


Looking ahead from halfpenny bridge


After descent to the path, the signage is clear


Eroded banks just west of Lechlade


Bridge just before Round House – do not cross


Round House – marks the end of the official navigation – only canoes in the water after this point


Cows plagued by flies on a hot day


A grass strip airfield – keep to the edge of this field


The warning sign is for the air strip – not RAF Fairford!


Boat awaiting more water


New fencing, bridge and signage


New fencing


Thames bridle way – no horses today through


I suspect it gets a bit boggy here when wet – no problem today


About to join Nell Hill road for a short stretch – turn right


After Hannington Bridge, the fields were a bit more overgrown


The church at Long Eaton comes into view


The river – slowly meandering, quite shallow


Blackford farm – the path crosses their lawn! Mind the loud dog!


The Red Lion at Castle Eaton


Flowers adorn wall in Castle Eaton


Descending back to the fields after passing through Castle Eaton


The airshow at RIAT continues


The river narrows further and is dominated by reeds and rushes


Path at the edge of the crops


The dry weather has produced cracked ground


A bridge across a fairly dry tributary




Two swans enjoy the river


A dry tributary


The main river still has some flow

Streaming weeds show the direction of flow in this shallow section of the Thames


The river is little more than a 3 m wide meandering brook


Road bridge carrying the A419


Looking across the fields on tha arrival in Cricklade


Final parts of the path across the grassland


Entry into Cricklade – walking through the streets