Thames Path : Radcot to Lechlade

Next part of the Thames path and a shortish 6.5 mile walk from Radcot to Lechlade. Needed a taxi from Swindon to get to the start in order to guarantee making it to Lechlade in time for the 14:13 bus to Highworth. After that there is a 2 hour wait for the next bus, then an hour wait. It was a hot July day and plenty of water was needed. Not much traffic on the river now as it gets very twisty with lots of meanders and shallow sections.

Ye Olde Swan at Radcot Bridge – start of this walk.


Radcot Bridge viewed from the Newbridge side


The path starts again across the bridge and shows as an initial 3 mile section to Kelmscot


Setting the scene – tall grass, brown fields, slow water and hot weather!


Looking back at Radcot Bridge


Boats moored near Radcot Bridge


A rare glimpse of the river in this section of the walk


Lazy stretch of river


Gates and nettles – open with care


First of many pillboxes along this section


Many small boats moored against small jetties and pontoons in this section


First lock of the walk – Grafton Lock


Smooth walking after the lock


Tall grasses return to the path


Typical view for this walk, dry brown fields, blue skies and not much sign of the river


Aha – a solitary canal boat chugging along – the only moving powered craft I saw on the walk


Slow meandering bend


Colourful flowers contrasting with the dry brown grasses


Bridge at Kelmscot


Cows trying to keep cool in the shade


A slightly more modern form of transport – on the approach to RAF Fairford


Buscot Lock – the smallest on the river


90 degree turn at yet another meander – the electrified wire fence dissuades the taking of short cuts


St John’s bridge


St John’s Lock with view of the spire of St Lawrence at Lechlade in the distance


Old Father Thames at St John’s Lock


Looking back at several meanders


Across the river is St Lawrence at Lechlade


Ha’penny bridge at Lechlade


St Lawrence, Lechlade – close by is the bus stop for busses to Hiworth and then on to Swindon