GUC : Olton to Gas Street Basin

Finally it’s here. The last walk on the Grand Union Canal. A moderate stretch of 7.7 miles from Olton to Gas Street Basin.

Bridge 84 – Richmond Road bridge. Now with added swan!


Bridge 85 – Lincoln Road bridge


Poppies and daisies


Bridge 86 – Woodcock Lane bridge


One of the few vessels moving on the canal between here and Gas Street Basin


Bridge 86A – Yardley Road bridge


Passing under bridge 87 – Stockfield Road bridge


Nice wide, well maintained footpath makes walking easier and faster


Old wharves and canalside warehouses


Bridge 88 – Kings Road bridge


Bridge 88A – leads to the Tyseley incinerator


Brick bridge with raised sections


Looking back towards the entrance to Ackers Trust basin


Bridge 88F – footbridge


Outdoor activity centre tower


Bridge 89 – Golden Hillock Road bridge


Bridge 90 – Anderton Road bridge


Looking back


Bridge 91 – Small Heath bridge


Looking back to bridge 91


Top of Camp Hill locks

Passing through Camp Hill locks


Bridge 92 – rail bridge


Winding hole


Bridge 92 with bridge 93 behind it


Camp Hill lock no 55


Bridge 93 – Coventry Road bridge


Bridge 94 – Adderley Street bridge


Bordesley Junction – the Birmingham and Warwick Junction canal heads off to the right


Looking back to Bordesley Junction


Bridge 95 – Great Barr Street bridge


Bridge 96 – Great Barr Street railway bridge


Looking back from Proof House Junction – Proof House railway bridge (disused) lies behind bridge 96 – Proof House Junction bridge


Looking south at Proof House Junction into the entrance to Typhoon Basin


Approaching Curzon Street Tunnel



Ashted bottom lock


Belmont Row bridge – no numbers for the remainder of the walk

Looking back from the entrance to the Ashted Tunnel


Southern entrance to the Ashted Tunnel


Inside Ashted Tunnel


Emerging from the northern entrance to the Ashted Tunnel


Heneage Street footbridge


Lister Street bridge


Love Lane bridge


Aston Junction – the walk heads over the walkway then to the left


Looking north to Aston Lock 1 bridge


The walk continues to the south


The BT tower comes into view from the towpath – we are now on the Birmingham and Fazeley canal



Barker bridge


Snow Hill bridge


Looking back to Livery Street bridge


Ludgate Hill bridge


Looking back to Ludgate Hill bridge


Farmer’s Bridge lock 11 is underneath a building!


Farmer’s Bridge lock 9


Farmer’s Bridge lock 5


Saturday bridge – visited on …. Saturday 🙂


Last lock of the entire walk – Farmer’s Lock 1


Cambrian Wharf, atop the Farmer’s Locks


Old Turn Roving bridge


Old turn at Deep Cuttings Junction


Brewmaster’s bridge


Broad Street tunnel – last tunnel on the walk


Gas Street Basin – Worcester Bar divides us from the Worcester & Birmingham Canal


Entering the Gas Street Basin across the Worcester Bar


Red plaque as a reminder of the heritage of this area


The End – view of Gas Street Basin and the Worcester bar footbridge (right side of photo)

And there we have it – 147 miles walked, from Brentford lock on the River Thames at London, to the centre of Birmingham!