GUC : Kingswood to Olton

This time it is the penultimate walk on the Grand Union Canal. A 10 mile stretch from Kingswood (Lapworth railway station) to Olton in the suburbs of Birmingham. A mixed walk with some open countryside, some locks and a long section in a deep cutting.

Start of the walk at bridge 65 in Kingswood


Straight section north of bridge 65, towpath on the left


Bridge 66 – ‘rising bridge’


Pipe bridge between bridges 66 and 67


Bridge 67 – Turnover bridge – the towpath changes side here


For the remainder of the canal the towpath remains on the right hand side (walking towards Birmingham)


Approaching bridge 69 – Black Buoy bridge


Bridge 70 – aptly named the Kings Arms bridge


At the bottom of Knowle locks – a flight of 5 locks


Knowle locks


Looking back down Knowle locks


Bridge 71 – Kenilworth Road bridge


Bridge 72 – Kixley bridge


Bridge 72A – Kixley footbridge


Bridge 73 – Waterfield bridge


Bridge 74 – Castle bridge


Fields near Henwood Hall Farm


Bridge 75 – Copt Heath bridge


Bridge 76A (multiple) – the M42 bridge


Bridge 76 – Jacobean Lane bridge


Bridge 77 – Henwood bridge


Straight section north of Henwood bridge


Bridge 78 – Catherine de Barnes bridge


Bridge 78A – unnamed


Pipe bridge and then bridge 79 – Elmdon Heath bridge


Bridge 79A – unnamed


Bridge 80 – Rowood bridge


Looking ahead to bridges 81 and 82


Bridge 81 – Rode Lane bridge


The seemingly never-ending deep cutting in Solihull


Bridge 82 complex – Dovehouse Lane bridge


Bridge 83 – Castle Lane bridge


Bridge 84 – Richmond Road bridge – end of the walk