GUC : Warwick to Kingswood

A shorter walk this week for several reasons – firstly to allow a pair of reasonable distance walks for the culmination of the route, secondly it was jolly hot this day, thirdly the walk was partly up-hill, and fourth – a very infrequent train service at Lapworth to get back to Warwick and thence to London. Also SouthWest trains were undertaking major engineering works around Twickenham and Waterloo and having to cope with a signal failure. It took 3 hours to get to the start of the walk and 4 hours to get home afterwards!

Start of the walk – Hatton bottom lock, no 26


Bridge 51c


Lock no 29 – one of five locks with moderate spacing between them at the bottom of the Hatton flight.


Bridge 52 – Ugly bridge (yes, that’s the official name)


Approaching lock 35 – the last of the moderately closely spaced locks.


Bridge 53 – Middle lock bridge


After bridge 53 there is a gap before the tightly packed section of locks 37 to 42.


Daunting sight for any boat crew – six locks in close succession.


Looking back down the flight of locks 42 to 37 with Warwick Cathedral spire in the distance.


The Hatton yard


Bridge 54 – where the towpath crosses to the southern side


Stainless steel dragonfly


Final glimpse back down the locks towards Warwick before the canal turns left (southwards).


The final flight of close locks (43 to 46) at Hatton.


Piling boat exhibit at Hatton locks


Hatton locks cafe, between locks 45 and 46


Heritage site plaque for Hatton Locks


Above Hatton top lock, serenity returns in a shaded cutting


Bridge 55 – St John’s Bridge


Snapshot of progress – now only 20 miles to Birmingham


Bridge 56 – Hatton Glebe Bridge


Bridge 57 – Gallows Bridge


Bridge 58 – Ball’s Bridge


South eastern entrance to Shrewley tunnel – the towpath rises atop


After a short walk along a grassy track, the route emerges into a street scene and a gap directly ahead between two houses contains a narrow path leading downwards…


… the path leads downwards to a foot tunnel entrance


At first there are concrete steps, then a less steep section of cobbles with raised ridges


Emerging at the lower end of the Shrewley tunnel foot tunnel


North-western entrance to Shrewley Tunnel


Bridge 59 – Tythe Barn Bridge


Looking back to Shrewley Tunnel – foot tunnel to the side up a restored rampway


Bridge 60 – Castle Meadow Bridge


Bridge 61 – White Bridge (I suppose it used to be white)


The more substantial bridge 62 – Rowington Hill Bridge


Vessels moored near Turners Green


Bridge 63 – Turner’s Green Bridge


Bridge 64 – Weston Hall Bridge


Bridge 37 – foot bridge at Kingswood Junction


Looking out from the entrance to the Lapworth Link – Warwick behind, Birmingham ahead

Lapworth Link


Bridge 65 – Kingswood Bridge and end of the walk


Looking ahead from Kingswood Bridge to the next walk