BA 767

Pictures from a jumpseat ride in a British Airways Boeing 767, from LPPT to EGLL, RW27R


The original high resolution Digital Camera pictures are available on a CD if anyone would prefer to get them that way. Just drop me a line on my feedback page.

This ride was a jumpseat on a BA 767 from LPPT to EGLL. I had the 2nd jumpseat as there was a BA Cadet in the main jumpseat. We landed 27R at EGLL and had to wait for a stand. A few interesting points of mention here and there, but I hope the pictures speak for themselves. They were taken with a 3.3 Mpixel Casio QV3000 digital camera (with the captain’s permission, above FL100 and then once on the ground and away from the runway). (As you can tell from a: the fact that this must have been pre 9/11 and b: the 3.3 Mpixel camera, this was some time ago!)

Pictures are 1024 x 768 (JPG) – I wanted to show as much detail as possible as some people are interested in high detail cockpit images.


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300 kts descendin

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