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Solving Cacti problems on the logger – full s/w install details & SD image

Some people have been having problems getting the Cacti graphs on the data logger to update correctly – they are missing graph lines and numerical outputs. I remember having similar issues when I was first messing around setting up the loggers. So to try to fix this, I went through a complete software install from scratch starting with a completely fresh Raspbian install on a bare Pi to which I connected the various items of hardware.

It is a tedious process going through a full install AND documenting it in detail at the same time!

Anyway I did it, and I also encountered the issue of non-updating Cacti graphs. After a bit of fiddling around, I managed to get them working. Not sure exactly what step of the debugging was responsible, but the various steps were all recorded. So if you follow these instructions:

you should be able to get to the point I have here – a working Pi reading and graphing the temperature and humidity data. I also include details of installing the LCD driver script and the code for the pressure sensor, but these are optional.

If you still struggle to get it to work and can withstand a 1.2 GB download, I have placed a ZIPped copy of the SD card image on OneDrive:!3241&authkey=!APvujrDX8j05ggc&ithint=file%2czip

Thanks for your patience!