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Filming with BBC Horizon


Again, this was some time ago but I’m in the process of moving the old articles from the old site to the blog and I don’t yet know if it is possible to pre-date a post. So, here’s what used to be on the old site.

Stephen Fry visited


Actually, it was some time ago that we hosted a visit for Stephen, but this blog is just catching up with the move of articles from the old site and I am not sure how to pre-date an article. Anyway, here’s Stephen.

Main site moves into the blog


I decided that the main Jartweb site (actually on the same servers) was looking a bit old and tatty, plus it did not behave properly on browsers on smartphones and tablets, so I decided to copy across the old content into the blog, creating new pages for each item.

When I get a moment, I’ll replace More >

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