GUC : Cowley Peachey to Rickmansworth

Time for the first canal walk of 2013 and luckily this mid April weekend saw blue skies all day Saturday – an ideal chance for one of the longest stretches so far – just over 10 miles from Cowley Peachey Junction to Rickmansworth. This required a morning departure from home at 11:00 and resulted in a late’ish return (7 pm). Slightly daunting is the long stretch across the Colne Valley, as there are very few options for cutting the journey short if it takes too long. Armed with a SatNav, a guide book, sandwiches, water and a camera, I set out.


Looking back to the junction from bridge 190


View northwards from bridge 190


Bridge 189 – Benbow Bridge


Approaching Cowley Lock


Bridge 188 and a change of side for the towpath


Looking back from Cowley Shovel to Cowley Lock



Permanent moorings north of Cowley


Heading north from Cowley Shoevel, pipe bridges in the distance


Approaching pipe bridges


More pipe bridges


Uxbridge boat centre


Bridge 186 – Dolphin Bridge


Oops – looks like it burnt through


On the approach to Swan and Bottle bridge (185)


Spring blossom


Smallest boat of the day


Bridge 185 – Swan and Bottle bridge


Boat yard south of Uxbridge lock


Bridge 184


Looking north from bridge 184 to Uxbridge lock


Paddle steamer !


Tranquil as we approach the A40


Moorings south of the A40


Bridge 183 – White Bridge


View north from White Bridge – Gravel Wharf on the left


Denham Deep Lock


Between Denham Deep Lock and Denham Bridge


Approaching Denham bridge



Going about between the lock and the bridge


Denham Bridge (182)


Start of the long straight section across Harefield Moor and the Colne valley


Looking back along the straight


Rail bridge 181 – about 1/3 of the way northwards along the straight


Country Park sailing off to the east side


Moorings off to the east


Camouflage ?


Widewater bridge (180) and Widewater lock


Widewater lock


To the west of Harefield


Bridge 179 – NO CROSSING!


Tree-lined canal edge near Mount Pleasant


Mount Pleasant


Approaching Black Jack’s lock and bridge 178


Black Jack’s lock


Approaching Troy Cut


Rounding the bend before bridge 177


White water near Copper Mill


Scenic towpath north of Copper Mill Lock


Heading out into the countryside north of Copper Mill lock


The approach to Springwell Lane Bridge


Springwell Lane bridge (176)


Moorings near to abandoned warehouse


Stocker’s Farm


Looking back after Stocker’s Farm


Bridge 175


Flooded farmland near Stocker’s Lock


Cub scouts adventure


Approaching bridge 174


Unexpected barge in bagging area…


River Colne crosses the canal


I was using my Android phone and Google’s MyTracks to follow the progress of the walk. According to the GPS unit I had travelled over 16 km or 10 miles, for this section of the canal.

Total distance: 16.16 km (10.0 mi)
Total time: 3:51:21
Moving time: 3:34:21
Average speed: 4.19 km/h (2.6 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 4.52 km/h (2.8 mi/h)
Max speed: 11.71 km/h (7.3 mi/h)
Max elevation: 108 m (355 ft)
Min elevation: 55 m (180 ft)
Elevation gain: 283 m (928 ft)

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