Thames Path : Greenhithe to Northfleet

Looking back to Dartford river crossing and QE2 bridge


Riverside sculpture, Frobisher Way


One of the partly inaccessible riverside paths at Frobisher Way, Greenhithe


(Looking back to) gateway into the riverside path off Pier Road


Finally, a riverside path to walk along


Abandoned (?) barge


A short hop over the fence near Clovely Place and we regain the path, or what is left of it


Rounding a small bay before we approach the fenced off land near the pier. Saint Clement anchorage.


Fenced off land near White’s Jetty and the ever present pylon


Impressive pylon – needs extra height so the wire clear tall ships


At the base of the pylon


Pylon shadow and the path (?) continues


Abandoned and inhabited boats, Broadness Creek


Raised walkway to boat and cabin


Looking out of Broadness Creek across to the docks


Path near the radar tower is flooded


Broadness Navigation light


Overgrown path nearing the end of the walk, muddy too – Broadness Barge road


The End.


Ahead the map shows that I run out of two things vital to continuation: road/rail access to within a walkable distance of the coast; and a suitable path along which to walk. So I have come as far eastwards as I can reach by foot. Ahead is an industrial complex. Tilbury docks across the water.



Live scrollable/zoomable map of the walk:

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