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2 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Richard Nabarro

    Good morning!
    This week, I completed the Thames Path, walking the final 50 odd miles over four days from Oxford to the source. (Living in Isleworth, I had done other sections on a day basis, apart from Goring to Oxford where I overnighted in Dorchester and Abingdon).
    My hardcopy guides were a “little out of date” for the final sections and I am indebted to your 2018 photo record of Cricklade to source for ensuring that I corrected my point of direction on at least three occasions.
    Like you, and in spite of wet weather this week, the last appreciable water I experienced was leaving Ewen, but still a great sense of achievement on reaching the Thames Conservators’ stone although Father Thames should be returned in my opinion!
    Thank you once again.
    Richard Nabarro (a Londoner, living near the Thames, whose Mum loved the river)

    1. wpadmin Post author

      Congratulations Richard from a fellow Thames walker (from the Teddington area).
      Glad to hear you got to the source and really pleased you found the blog item useful.
      I remember the day of the final push to the source – it was a long walk, plus the agony of walking close to Kemble station on the way to the source and knowing I’d have to come back along the same path to come back from the source to catch the train.
      I did the whole Thames Path using single-day walks – not the most efficient way, and occasionally ending up nearly stuck for transport, but I could only afford single days out in my busy schedule at the time.

      I’m now trying the Hillingdon Trail, after walking several other of the London walking routes.


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