Concorde 24.10.03

Farewell Speedbird, gone but not forgotten…

The last commercial flights of Concorde, 24 October 2003.

Three last Concorde flights with fare paying passengers, VIPs and competition winners landed one after each other at Heathrow on a sad day in October 2003. Thousands of fans turned out to see the most graceful, beautiful and advanced passenger aircraft land at their home base for one final time. The two domestic flights came in first, followed by the BA002 flight from New York. The plane performed laps of honour of the airfield, before being towed across the road to the maintenance base, though a water cannon salute. After the passengers were disembarked, the three planes, plus G-BOAC which had been sitting there all day, were closed up and awaited their final fates, as dusk descended...

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